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Nick Cannata    Edited: 19-Feb-2009 07:51 19-Feb-2009  07:50
There was a shadow from the rings visible along the equator that you cannot see in this picture.  It could be that the conditions worsened a little from when we first started observing around 02:30z (9:30pm).  Or it could be my novice webcam skills!
I'm going to try to catch comet Lulin the next time the sky is clear.
Bev Vear    18-Feb-2009  21:53
Awesome photo!
Nick Cannata    18-Feb-2009  21:46

It looked better through the eyepiece than this.

Nick Cannata    Edited: 18-Feb-2009 21:44 18-Feb-2009  21:43

This is a stacked image of Saturn from 17-Feb-2009 04:15Z

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